Who is Desdinova?

Who is Desdinova?

Who is Desdinova? In the poem, which was later partially released under the BÖC moniker in the album Imaginos, aliens known as Les Invisibles guide an altered human named Imaginos, also called Desdinova, through history, playing key roles that eventually lead to the outbreak of World War I.

Who originally did the song astronomy? Astronomy is the Disc 1 eighth song from 1998’s album Garage, Inc. It was written by Joe Bouchard, Albert Bouchard and Sandy Pearlman, with a length of 6:37.

Who wrote astronomy Metallica? 


What is the story of Imaginos? Imaginos weaves scripts and poems by Pearlman, dating from the second half of the 1960s, into a concept album and rock opera about an alien conspiracy that is brought to fruition during the late 19th and early 20th century through the actions of Imaginos, an agent of evil.

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